Access to the Library of the Macau Digital Library Association

Dear teachers of ISHM!


On 11 March 2024, free access to the Macau Digital Library Association databases is granted for a period of two years (March 11, 2024 - March 11, 2026), based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the International Graduate School of Medicine (IHSM) and the Macau Digital Library Association (MDLA)

The databases consist of two main parts:

- Library S: provides the latest daily abstracts and articles, from over 3000 scientific journals in 113 topics, making it an ideal resource for scholars to familiarise themselves with the latest research, trends.

- Library D: provides an introduction to 4,384 journals and 1.77 million scientific documents suitable for a wide range of subjects, reading and learning needs.

Databases for academic research and teaching, translated into 7 languages: English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Link to access the Macau Digital Library Association databases:

Registration for access only in the reading rooms of the Central Building Library and the Clinical and Simulation Centre.

For registration and authorisation you need to fill in: full name, email, password and photo.

Example of registration and authorisation:


Contacts for access:


Tel: 0312 65 06 48