Loan procedures

1. To order books, the user must provide a reader’s card.

2. When receiving books, the user must put his signature and the date of receipt of the books in the book form.

3. Upon receipt of literature, it is necessary to check the condition of the books and inform the librarian about the existing defects (damaged or torn out pages, inscriptions or blots on the pages, etc.).

4. Loans are issued for one academic semester.

5. The following is not lent out for external use:

- publications available in a single copy;

-rare, valuable and handwritten editions;

-dissertations and abstracts;

-magazines and newspapers.

6. For the loss, non-return or damage to 1 (one) copy of the book, users are obliged, in agreement with the library staff, to return books: equivalent in content- 1 (one) copy of the book (in general education); unequal in content - 2 (two) copies of books (in the medical field).